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Melt snow & ice with electric switch.
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Philly Area Driveway & Walkway Heaters.
Driveway and walkway heaters for snow and ice.

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Electric Driveway & Walkway Heaters.
Special Installations by The Able Group.
Electric Snow & Ice Heaters. Electric Driveway & Walkway Heaters are the most effective way to prevent snow & ice problems. The heaters are only used during a snow fall to melt the snow before it can accumulate. The heaters are custom fitted to be installed under the top layer of the driveway or walkway surface (approx. 4 inches deep). The idea is to raise the surface temperature above freezing during the time of precipitation.

Electric Snow Melting Systems for Concrete Sidewalks and Handicap Ramps.

Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. of Driveway Heaters

The installation of these heaters must be performed during the construction process. 
For existing driveways we can re-surface them over top of these heaters.
First we size up the area to be heated, then we need approximately three weeks to order and receive them. The construction company that is doing the construction work is notified that we must work together at the same time to insure a proper, trouble free installation. We can provide the contractor for you who is already familiar with the installation process.

Second we must install the power supply wiring to points of connection. This can be done during the ordering time to be ready for the installation. The operation of the heaters is normally manual, but if an automatic system is required we can design it for you.

Third we coordinate the time of installation. The construction contractors will be prepared to work along with us. After the heaters are covered, an electrical test is made to sense any leakage of current. The end product is to never have a snow & ice problem again.

The Ice & Snow Are Gone Without... Waiting for the Plowing Service, Piled Snow Mounds, Snow Plow Damage, Salting, Slippery Spots, Snow Thrower Machine, Shoveling, Etc.

Heated Pavement   

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The Able Group driveway and walkway electric  heaters for snow melting.  Clearing ice and snow from handicap ramps.  In concrete heaters for paving of all sorts.  You can count on us to be the electrical contractor (I am a licensed electrician) and construction expert (I am also a licensed general contractor).    We do the blacktop, hardscape, masonry, fabric and sidewalk.  We can build it with, brick, block and grade it with crushed stone.   We can send you info on concrete, construction,
building a garden wall or a  retaining wall.  Call us about the costs involved.  Line item pricing for ; sidewalks, grade, excavate,  foundation, footing, crushed stone.
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Snow melting mats are an efficient and convenient way to prevent snow and ice accumulation around the facility and help reduce slip-and-fall accidents. All products are portable and designed to be left outside for the entire winter season.

Driveway Heaters - Philadelphia.


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