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The Latest Technology for Lighting, Data, HVAC, Motors, Security, Electrical, Ventilation & Energy. We're Absolutely the most diversified trade Contractors, and we prove it every business day! We have all the equipment, know-how & resources to bring any project to completion. Sending you a better email response before you spend.

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We Help You Better. Nothing beats our single document with scanned-in sketches, photos, diagrams, quotes and notes giving you all the info needed at a glance. We also add: Pricing of materials, fixtures, equipment and labor by the trade professionals.

Informative online support for every property service, job, installation or improvement.
    Commercial and Industrial Electrical, Mechanical & Construction Contractors for: A to Z Facility Services, Lighted Signs, High Reach Lights, Parking Lot Equipment. Commercial Property Maintenance, same day or next day service.
Independent Contractors & Trade Experts working from one Solutions Office.
Clear information with Line Item Pricing. Photos, Sketches, Recommendations, Designs, Plans & Specs.  Your Job Done Right.... Our Hands, Our Equipment and Our Work Force. Our online Electrical information pages have just about every reference, just about every price on everything electrical installations from us.
Lighting Made to Order, by Able Group Inc. Bucket truck repair service for your community. Neighborhood Street Light Services for area security lighting. Pole lighting repair and electrical service electrician for replacement bulbs. Neighborhood Lighting for Your Community.
Community Lighting. Sports Lights, Park Lights. Street Light Pole Fixture Service. Repair and/or Replace. New Installations and/or Changes needed. Underground Power Repair Service and electrical service for Gate House Systems. Repairs, New Installations. Lighted Signs and Caution Signals. New Parking Lot Poles & Exterior Area Lighting. Philly Facility Trades of the Latest Technologies.
Property trade workers for  commercial, industrial and rental properties. Real Estate Management, Fuel Station,
Public Facilities, Medical Facilities.
Parking Lot Lighting Services.
... Know-How for the:  Home, Office, Business, Industry and Public Facility.
We offer more information to the property owners around the Delaware Valley than any other company.
We handle Equipment for Retail Stores,
Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.
Wholesale Supplies, Consultations, Investigations.
We handle Projects for
Industrial Facilities.
Factories and Workplaces,
Custom Made Signage,
wall displays and artistic creations for Your ideas.

Better information, a better price, and a job done right by the Able Group Contractors Network.     Electrical Construction Mechanical Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning Facility Services and Every Installation.  Emergency Service Work Crews. Facility Rescue - Up and Running Services in times of urgency.  Bucket truck services. Every Property Trade Service - Electrical, Mechanical, Lighting, Data, HVAC, Motors, Security, Ventilation, etc.  Customized Fabrication Services. Safety and Maintenance Services. Get the job done in a hurry services - Electricians, Installers and Constructors for every property concern.  Property trade workers along with the latest technology for property managers, real estate and rental properties, an energy efficient facility, parking lot lighting services, electronics, renovations and commercial space fit up.

One Company,  having all Professional Trade-Workers from every trade for everything needed at Your Facility.
The Philly-Facility Network for the entire Tri-State area all around Philadelphia.

Utility poles, Aerial Power and Cables.  Privately owned utility poles around Philadelphia.

4160 volts, medium voltage jobs.

Yes we are Acoustical Ceilings Contractors.

Thru-wall Air Conditioners, Units, Prices, Installers.

Auditorium Equipment Installations, Lighting, Sound, Stage and Control Systems.

Ball Field, Sports Field and Playground. Equipment and Lighting Poles, Philadelphia.

Philly Area Handyman Services, Improvements by Able Group Contractors.

Electric Snow Melting by Able Group Inc.

Gate House, Parking Shelter and Equipment.

Driveway and Walkway Heaters, costs.

Ice and Snow Melting Systems.

Lighted Sign Services, High Reach Signage.

Parking Lot Area Lighting, Philadelphia.

Phase Converter.

Two Phase PECO Utility Service - Philadelphia.

Trade Skills combined with cutting edge technologies and economical know-how
to benefit You.

Every job Done Right, Complete and On Time! Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Residential and Public Facility.
We'll Get it for you, we'll install it for you. Contractors and Trades of the Latest Technologies. high efficiency lighting and retrofit. A-1 quick response and get it done services for: electrical, mechanical, data, surveillance, communication, HVAC and construction.   The Electrical Advantage. Large and small electrical services, three phase, two phase power, 480V., 208V., 120V., 277v., transformers, rotary phase converter, underground trenching, licensed electrical contractor, hard to find circuit breakers, primary service switch gear. Your Contractors trade resource for telephone systems, data wiring network cabling, security systems, heating, air conditioning, tenant fit-up builders. Information on back up power generators, high bay lighting, recessed lighting fixtures, halogen light bulbs, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. Lighting experts, fans, overhead door openers, automatic fences, doors and windows. Call us for area flood lighting, high pressure sodium and medal halide. Electrical safety inspections and rebuilding your Main Service Panel up to 4000amps. Small jobs, twist-lock receptacles, power poles and floor receptacles. Photo eye controls, relays, mechanically held contactors, bolt-on circuit breakers. Installers for spike and surge suppressors, electric walkway heaters, ventilation fans, under floor heaters, and UPS systems for every purpose. Sending you the information, costs, specs, sizes, colors, factory cut sheets and warranty. This website is designed and built by Able Group Inc.
The Largest Online Resource for property trades & services information anywhere in the tri-state area.