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Small jobs or large jobs, Able Group Inc. has been performing office building wiring for every purpose. You can count on us for; network installations, cabling system design, implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting, to meet the growing needs of corporate customers.

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       We'll send you "Line item pricing" for 100% of your office.  We'll send you the costs for power,  telephone, fax systems and computer networks designed and built with the latest technologies.  We install the patch panel and we can program IP phones.  From very demanding applications, such as multimedia or B2B interactivity systems, to small projects, we pay attention to the present and future customer requirements, and we recommend several networking solutions to choose from.  Our voice, video and data network infrastructures meet current specifications and standards for copper and fiber optic cable installations.

Know what your options are.
Ethernet 10Base-5 and 10Base-2 used a bus topology. Bus topologies were difficult to maintain and troubleshoot.  Modern Ethernet networks use a star topology with an Ethernet hub, switch, or router at the center of the star.  It is still possible to create a two-node Ethernet network in a bus topology using a null-Ethernet cable between the two devices.


Internet Ethernet Computer Wiring.
Ethernet is becoming the dominant networking technology, both in LAN as in WAN environments Ethernet continues to prove to be the network technology of choice. Ethernet provides a high network reliability, is easy to scale, manage and trouble shoot, and is very cost effective.  The new 10GEA wants to promote the use and availability of Ethernet in the WAN environment; Ethernet Broadband seems to become more and more widely available. Ranging from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet  and even to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
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The Able Group 100% Office Fit-Up.
Wires and construction.
Local Area Network Wiring, Telecommunication and Surveillance Systems.
1 – Cat 5e Internet Jack and Home Run @ $125.00 ea.
1 – 48 port Patch Panel with wiring rack – Termination Board  $520.00.
1 – 24 port Patch Panel with wiring rack – Termination Board  $230.00.
1 – 48 port Ethernet Switch /transformer $770.00
1 – 24 port Ethernet Switch /transformer $320.00
– Patch Cords @ $8.00 ea.
Programming Set-Up, Activation at test at all locations $100.00 - $325.00
120V. receptacles @ $100.00 ea. (any location).

Able Group Inc.   100% Office Fit-Up wires and construction. Local Area Network Wiring,   Patch Panel and Ethernet switch. Telecommunication, Data Systems, Surveillance Systems. Power, Lighting, Ceilings and Floors.

A NIC is installed in each computer, and is assigned a unique address. An Ethernet cable runs from each NIC to the central switch or hub. The switch or hub will act as a relay (though they have significant differences in how they handle network traffic), receiving and directing packets of data across the LAN. Thus, Ethernet networking creates a communications system that allows the sharing of data and resources, including printers, fax machines and scanners.

Ethernet networks can also be wireless. Rather than using Ethernet cable to connect the computers, wireless NICs use radio waves for two-way communication with a wireless switch or hub. In lieu of Ethernet ports, wireless NICs, switches and hubs each feature a small antenna. Wireless networks can be more flexible to use, but also require extra care in configuring security

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Connecting individual computer terminals, or Nodes, with coaxial cables, optical fibers, or standard telephone lines. Networks that are set up for individual businesses and schools, and that are usually contained within a single building, are called local area networks, or LANs. Wider networks, Wide Area Networks (WANS), are possible using telecommunications to span states, countries, or the entire globe. The advantages of computer networks are many: they speed up word processing and database analysis in busy systems, reduce costs, increase worker productivity, and offer tremendous convenience. See also distributed processing.
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