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4160 volts, three phase commercial and industrial electrical power service for motors and heavy equipment. Prices, options and alternatives on the various types of medium voltage work at your facility.

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4160 volts, medium voltage jobs
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Three phase service is often a "Y" ("wye") in which the neutral is directly connected to the center of the generator rotor. Wye service resists transients better than delta, since the distributed neutral provides a low-resistance metallic return to the generator. Wye service is recognizable when a grid has four wires, once of which is lightly insulated. Single phase 220V or 230V residential and light industrial service. In this system, a high voltage distribution network supplies a few substations per city, and the 230V power from each substation is directly distributed. A hot wire and neutral are connected to the building from one phase of three phase service.
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Answers and options.  In many areas, "delta" three phase service is common. Delta service has no distributed neutral wire and is therefore less expensive. The three coils in the generator rotor are in series, in a loop, with the connections made at the three joints between the coils. Neutral is provided as a low resistance earth ground, sometimes attached to a synthetic ground made by a transformer in a substation. High frequency noise (like that made by arc furnaces) can sometimes cause transients on a synthetic ground.

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